“When I first meet with clients, the most important thing is to listen and to look, to hear what they envision and also to see the details of the house itself. I consider the time spent with my clients an exchange of both ideas and of energy – getting to know how they live in their homes and what kind of design will best enhance that way of living.”

— Liza Reyes 
The artistic expression of the utilitarian is in large part what drew Los Angeles-based designer Liza Reyes to interiors. Her focus has always been on connecting the owners’ vision with the innate intentions of the buildings themselves. Her philosophy is grounded in listening, not only to the needs of her clients, but to the needs of the space as well.

As a third-generation Californian, Reyes’ design ethos is rooted in both her Mexican heritage and a childhood spent exploring nature. These inspirations provided Reyes with a deep connection to hand-crafted objects and textiles, as well as raw and natural materials. Her husband, a woodworker, also influenced Reyes’ affinity for thoughtfully made furniture and décor.

For her interiors, Reyes often collaborates with her husband to create one-of-a-kind customized pieces for clients, as well as sourcing from both knowledgeable vendors and talented craftspeople from around the globe. The results are spaces containing deeply felt narratives, each piece bringing their own story to a larger, cohesive whole.

Selected Press:
Domino 2020  
Martha Stewart 2018
Domino 2016